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Building Better Bass

We take care of both new and existing lakes and ponds, so whether you are starting from scratch or have an existing lake or pond, we will help you achieve your goals.  Our professional team of biologists at Blessed Bayou goes in depth to manage your lake or pond through state-of-the-art electro-fishing surveys, water quality tests, and written management plans that are both cost effective and tailored to your goals.  We consider Blessed Bayou to be a one-stop-shop for all of your fisheries needs.  From pond and lake design to fish stocking and from fish feeders to fish feed, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


Electro-Fishing Surveys

The 1st and most important step in managing your fisheries. It is nearly impossible to form a proper management plan for a body of water without knowing the species and populations within that body of water. An electro-fishing survey gives us the ability to properly do just that. Our surveys include a written management plan tailored to your goals, population survey, vegetation assessment, lab-tested water quality report and bathymetric mapping.

Fish Stocking

We carry nearly every freshwater species available, including Triploid Grass Carp, which can be a great solution for vegetation issues.  Grass Carp purchases require permit from Texas Parks and Wildlife, click the link below to apply.

Grass Carp Permit

Pond & Lake Design

We can help pick the best location and start designing the pond or lake of your dreams.


Bathymetric Mapping

Bathymetric Mapping.


Water Quality Management

Water quality is one of the most important tools in fisheries management. Knowing the chemistry of your water can make your lake more productive and balanced.


Aquatic Vegetation Management

Our biologist are skilled in controlling any kind of aquatic vegetation problem you may have.


Diffused Aeration Systems

By simply adding a diffused aeration system to a lake it will improve water quality, create healthier fish, and help reduce algae growths. Aeration systems are considered insurance for your fisheries investment by greatly reducing your odds of having a fish kill. Oxygen drives the entire ecosystem under water. Without additional aeration you are dependent on oxygen from wave action and photosynthesis from plankton and other vegetation. During the warm season water stratifies and the deeper the water the less oxygen is available, which reduces a fish's ability to use a large portion of the lake. 


Decorative Fountains

Enhance the aesthetics and improve the health of your body of water with a fountain.  We carry Kasco fountains that are engineered to deliver reliable and efficient performance, and even feature marine-grade stainless steel components for protection in harsh environments.


Directional Fish Feeders

As far as management programs go, supplemental feeding is one of the cheapest, yet most productive ways to manage a fishery. Feeding increases the overall health of the baitfish, allowing them to reproduce more times throughout the year, creating potential for a sustainable ecosystem, leading to less fish stockings. If fed at appropriate rates, the overall carrying capacity within a lake can be tripled, a key factor in managing any body of water.

Fish Feed

It is important to keep fish feeders full and operating throughout the entire warm season (March-November) with a small, pelleted feed of 40% or higher protein. High protein feed is by far the easiest and most effective management tool. Forage fish on a high protein feed will gain weight and reproduce at much higher rates, which in turns adds weight to your bass population.  We proudly carry Triton feed.


Mossback Artificial Habitat

Unlike forms of natural habitat, Mossback artificial habitats that we provide have the benefit of not breaking down over time, are designed to reduce lure hang-ups and snags and are specifically designed to promote the growth of periphyton (beneficial bacteria and algae).Placing cover near feeders are a great way to get the most benefit out of the cover. Cover near feeders creates an environment suitable for baitfish production and will create ambush points for Largemouth Bass, helping them gain weight more rapidly by minimizing movement.


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