Happy Anniversary Darcey & Chris

Happy anniversary to Darcey & Chris!  While there is a lot to be said about that special day, no one said it better than Chris’ mom, Barbara Methner:

“It was a great day, a beautiful setting, and a heartwarming experience. Saturday Chris married Darcey Vesely in a slue lined by towering cypress trees near Antler Island off Lost Lake. Ten boats ferrying family and friends paraded from Hugo Boat Ramp piloted by some of Chris’s best friends to a barge located at the end of the slue where they anxiously awaited the bride’s arrival. Stunningly, Darcey stood at the front of a boat with her dad and BB, the couple’s beloved bloodhound in her off-the shoulder long white dress with a beaded waistband and a white, wide-brimmed hat. The boat slowing made its way down the watery aisle. The sight was wonderfully overwhelming as they slowly floated down the river way to the barge framed by the newly green trees and jutting cypress knees at water’s edge. They stood before my nephew and exchanged vows in a touching ceremony of love and affection and before God, family, and friends made a touching commitment to be partners in life. Your heart had to melt at the beauty of nature as it embraced the beauty of Chris and Darcey’s devotion for each other. Two wonderful families were joined with this commitment and will forever be meshed in loving support of this new beginning. The wedding party then returned to Gou Hold Road where Blessed Bayou, their wildlife business stood waiting with extended family and friends to celebrate.

Son-of-a-gun, we had big fun on the bayou! Me-oh-my-oh Blessed Bayou indeed.”

Check out the drone footage of the wedding here.

Photographer:  Lacy LeBlanc

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