Suggested Stocking Rates

Below are charts with suggested stocking rates for newly-built ponds (Or ponds currently with no fish).  Each chart is individually tailored for specific fishery goals.



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  1. Hey there. I am looking to buy
    6,000 CNBG 25% smalls 75% larger
    10,000 FHM
    200 LMB fingerlings
    100 feed trained bass if yall have any.

    1. Post
  2. Blessed Bayou, I was at Mt Belvieu this bast Saturday and got your information. My group is have a fishing event for Special Needs youth and adults on May 20th in Brazoria County. We have a 4k gallon above ground fish pool. Last event with that pool was with 200 trout from Texas Parks & Wildlife. We’re looking for about the same with catfish and/or bluegill. Fish will be released in community center’s pond. Event address is 4003 Meridiana Pkwy, Iowa Colony 77583. Can you give me a quote? Thanks

  3. Needing a 1/4 pond stocked in Orange Tx. If you could get back to me with a quote for stocking and delivery that would be great..

  4. I have a small 1/4 ac pond. Looking to stock for the grandkids. They love to fish. I am not sure how deep the pond is.
    What is recommended

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